Solar carports (sometimes referred to as canopies) like the QuadPod™ Canopy provide the obvious benefit of clean power production, and help site owners realize a number of other bonus benefits like financial incentives.  However, there are a number of useful and really awesome ways to make your carport project standout, and drive additional value for the customer. Below is a list of small ways you can enhance your upcoming carport project:

  1. Mounted Lighting or Security Cameras

Mounted lighting inside a canopy structure provides a number of benefits to the site owner. Lighting is a cost-effective way to: 1) provide added security to the business and parking lot; 2) create additional visibility for the business during night time; and 3) make a visual statement that the business cares about the environment, outside of business hours. It is also worthwhile to mention how lighting can make the racking system *shine* from the inside out.

Further, it would be very easy to mount security cameras in select places throughout the canopy system, much like you would internal lighting.

  1. Water Control Strategies

Adding water control measures throughout the system can provide the end user with a number of benefits. By directing water flow between the panels, one can ensure that water only flows off the system in favorable places. This prevents water from dumping on the car or person underneath the canopy in between panels, and directs the water to one corner on the lower end of the structure.

Further, it is possible to install a rainwater collection system underneath the array, which is fed by the water control system in the canopy. This can be particularly useful for eco-conscious companies looking to conserve water resources (for agricultural or lawn maintenance purposes) or even reduce flooding and erosion.

  1. EV Charging

EV Charging stations are becoming more and more common. EV Charging drives new customers to the site owner’s business or lot, while car owners are waiting for their vehicle to charge. Further, they are a contribution to the future of automobile infrastructure, and a statement that the site owner cares about renewable energy.

Quest Renewables is a leader in durability. The foundations used in our carport systems will vary in design, but they will always involve high quality materials to drive durability and reliability. The system’s strength makes it favorable when integrating with EV charging stations.

  1. Powder Coating

Powder coating is a unique way to make the site owner’s solar carport and business standout among the rest. What better way to integrate your solar array with your business than by customizing the system’s color?

Pictured below is a system designed for an array at the Harley Davidson Rally Point Plaza in Sturgis, South Dakota. The deep black powder coating allows the system to better match the architectural aesthetic of the plaza and the town itself. 

Powder coating can also provide structural protection in high corrosion environments. A combination of hot dip galvanizing and powder coating can be used to form a protective coating and prevent corrosion of the steel components in these environments.

Although powder coating is a beautiful customization option for solar carports, be aware that it may require additional cost and turnaround time.

  1. Inverter Mounting Options

The QuadPod™ Canopy provides multiple options for inverter mounting. In the past, customers have enjoyed mounting inverters directly in the canopy itself, as pictured below. If the canopy is being installed on the top floor of a parking deck, customers may choose to mount their inverters directly onto the parking deck pillars, 1-2 floors down from the top level. With a lightweight and durable system like the QuadPod, there are a number of ways to make inverter mounting work.

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