What is a Solar Carport?

Solar carports are a type of solar array, usually comprised of steel, that holds solar panels in place over anywhere a car can park. They are helpful because they provide a secondary use for parking lots, which is good for the planet because it contributes to renewable energy production and less reliance on fossil fuels.

Parking lots are abundant in the United States. Carports are a way to make use of this abundant space without compromising its original purpose. There are other benefits to employees and residents who park under solar carports, such as protection from the elements (sun/hail), and climate control inside the vehicle. For commercial property owners, carports provide architectural elements which may complement a facility’s landscape. 

What is a racking system?

Solar racking is a critical part of a solar project. When people think of solar they often think of panels. However, so many other pieces go into a solar array. Sure, there are panels, but there are also wires, steel components, inverters, foundations, and sometimes batteries or EV charging ports. Further, people need specific expertise to make your solar project successful. Every solar project will utilize expertise from engineers, designers, architects, electricians, policymakers, utility companies, construction companies, manufacturers, and distributors.

The racking system refers to the steel configuration that holds the solar panels in place and attaches them to a surface like a roof, ground, or substructure. Those that make racking systems are solar racking manufacturers or solar racking designers. Typically, racking manufacturers sell their products to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Companies who then sell complete projects to the end user, or the site owner.

Solar Carport Racking Systems

Combining the two definitions above, solar carport racking systems refer to the steel components that hold panels above a parking lot or parking garage. They are typically taller than conventional solar ground mounts so they can allow for cars and trucks to pass underneath .

What makes a good carport racking system?

As mentioned previously, solar projects are complex. A number of important groups contribute to the success of a project. Racking systems are important because they influence 1) how systems are assembled and installed; 2) what kind of work can be done by hand and what needs to be manufactured in a facility; 3) what kind of electrical components can be used; and 4) how the system will perform over time (i.e. during a windstorm, fire, or earthquake). As one can imagine, a good racking system is designed to be durable, safe to install, and easy to understand for construction companies. Good racking systems are designed to simplify the solar installation process. The best racking systems are designed to simplify the solar installation process, enhance safety, and be aesthetically appealing.

Quest Renewables Solar Carports

Quest Renewables is the solar carport manufacturer who delivers the new standard in structures that are durable, safe to install, quick to install, and enhance your parking lot. Quest solar carports turn your parking lot from bare asphalt to an architecturally appealing amenity. Our carports are purposefully designed to make everybody’s lives easier, from the construction company to the end user. Our carports all use classic architectural principles which are familiar to any construction company. Further, the systems are assembled completely on the ground, which reduces risk of onsite hazards caused by forklifts and heavy machinery. Projects which use our systems usually end up with reduced construction and installation time because of how simple our process is. Overall, customers receive the best-looking solar carport in the least amount of time.

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