Solar carport projects set themselves apart from ground mount and rooftop solar projects because they have different drivers of cost and system performance. As an example: solar carports are taller than other kinds of solar systems, and therefore have potential to interfere with foliage/trees, cars, trucks, and street lights. By nature, there are more of these variables in solar carport projects. This is why feasibility studies are especially important for solar carport projects. Carport feasibility studies explore all project variables to produce a designed and engineered product and price which is specific to your project. This enables EPCs, Developers, and end users to reduce risk caused by cost overruns and variance in system performance.

A feasibility study is a loose term for the initial analysis of a potential project which helps site owners and/or customers determine if the project is worth the investment, using greater specificity than the initial details required for a quote. Feasibility studies provide an examination of all possible risks of the project, from soils beneath the ground to foliage above the ground, and everything in between. The result is a more thorough “design and engineered price” which gives all parties a precise understanding of project cost and performance. A good feasibility study considers the unique aspects of the project and prioritizes work to eliminate the greatest areas of uncertainty first. The goal is to turn “uncertainties” into certainties, so that customers can proceed through the project with confidence that the project will deliver on-cost and with expected performance. The implementation of a feasibility study reduces or eliminates change orders which causes everyone stress and slows down projects.

While feasibility studies require an initial up-front commitment, all of the work that is conducted is necessary to complete the project. If the project moves forward, all of the work in a feasibility study is applicable.

As part of a feasibility study, the racking company works with soils experts, structural engineers, foundation companies, electricians, and local municipalities to examine all important factors for the project. Therefore, the feasibility study examines Geotech, design, and final engineering factors. If the design and engineered price is too high, or if the factors are too complex, EPCs, Developers, and end users have an opportunity to end the project with a minimum of adverse financial impact.

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