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In addition to delivering game changing technology, Quest backs up their QuadPod solar canopies with best-in-class speed, efficiency and safety for their customers.

Lower Cost Projects

With QuadPod, there is less labor needed. There is no on site welding, because all connections are bolted. In most cases, there are fewer foundations adding to bottom line economics.

Efficient Construction

QuadPod solar canopies require less than ½ the material of a traditional long span canopy. The result is lighter components that ship more compactly and can be mobilized by hand.

Safer Installation

More than 90% of QuadPod construction activity takes place on the ground, including assembly and DC wiring. Workers are more efficient and safer since they are not working at height.


See how QuadPod solar canopies will maximize your projects.



Quest’s commitment to optimizing the total installation process results in more satisfied site owners for EPC’s and finance partners.

  • QuadPod leverages state-of-the-art technology and engineering that was developed through an award-winning, multi-million-dollar Department of Energy research project through the SunShot Program.


Quest Renewables’ engineers continuously refine their purpose-built products to design and fabricate PV racking solutions that are functional, durable, cost-effective and aesthetically superior.


The commitment to innovation and efficiency extends to the manufacturing process. Our canopy components are manufactured in the USA with flexible, on-time delivery for ease of project planning.

  • Installation of our racking solutions is straight-forward, focusing on eliminating tools, hardware connections, and on-site movement. Quest backs up their racking with best-in-class speed, quality and reliability.

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Quest Renewables was created to commercialize solar racking products developed as part of the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s work as part of the United States Department of Energy’s Sunshot program.