The United States Department of Agriculture has issued the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which provides guaranteed loans and/or grants to United States-based solar projects in rural communities or on land used for agricultural purposes. There are three funding options: 1) grant; 2) loan; 3) hybrid loan and grant. Recipients are eligible to cover between 50-75% of their next solar project expenses, up to $1 Million. 

Funding recipients (i.e. the site owner) must fall within one of two categories: 

  1. they must be a U.S.-based agricultural producer OR 
  2. they must be considered a rural “small business” by the Small Business Administration’s definition.

Quest Renewables is committed to being your trusted partner throughout the REAP process.  The Quest’s Solar Carports™ Carport System is 100% American-Made, and durable enough to meet the diverse environmental demands found across all regions of the United States. The unique truss system delivers project efficiencies across the solar balance of system, driving faster project completion. 

Please note Quest Renewables is your go-to racking provider for REAP projects greater than 250kW. 

DISCLAIMER: Please contact a tax expert to help determine your customer’s REAP eligibility. The awarding of REAP funding is pending approval from the USDA. To apply for REAP, click here

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