Quest Renewables has completed a 250kW solar canopy system in partnership with SGC Power and WGL Energy for The Universities at Shady Grove. The Universities at Shady Grove are part of the University System of Maryland.

SGC Power developed, designed, and delivered the project. During the development of the project, SGC Power partnered with Quest Renewables to design and engineer the structural solar canopy system for the Shady Grove garage. “Quest Renewables provided an ideal solution for this project given its unique architectural aesthetics that complemented existing architectural features of the garage,” said Jack Copus, a Partner at SGC Power.

The installation of Quest’s carport racking systems is straight-forward and modular, focusing on eliminating work done at heights and simplifying on-site movement. The canopy system was constructed at ground level and then lifted by crane for final attachment atop the Shady Grove Garage in Rockville, MD. Shortly after the project completion, Madison Energy Investments acquired the asset. “In times of economic uncertainty, we are proud to provide committed capital to help the University System of Maryland unlock the value of solar energy in Maryland,” said Gerard Neely, associate, Madison Energy Investments.

The system will allow The Universities at Shady Grove to generate clean, renewable energy and achieve savings of approximately $26,400 in energy costs each year. The Heliene solar panels on the carport will produce and deliver approximately 348,500 kilowatt hours per year to The Universities at Shady Grove and will offset 172.5 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

“We are excited to provide renewable energy for a university in the greater DC area, where solar canopies offer greater value given limited roof and ground mount real estate and strong economic potential,” said Will Arnold, COO, Quest Renewables.

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