FEMA has proposed changes to the 2024 International Building Code, known as S76-22, which will increase the wind, snow, and seismic loads applied to solar installations. While SEIA is working on our behalf to develop a more even-handed solution, there will certainly be some increase in loads required for solar arrays in the coming years. Quest Renewables developed the Windmaster Perimeter Shield which, when placed strategically around solar fields, reduces wind loads by up to 50% on the interior of the array.  An image of the Windmaster technology is provided below. This solution will allow solar companies to potentially reduce the load ratings of their arrays even in the face of the proposed IBC changes, and prepare for a more resilient future.

For more information about the Windmaster Perimeter Shield, contact us at info@questrenewables.com, or call us at 404-536-5787.