Quest Renewables congratulates Imagine Energy on the completion of a 1.02MW solar array for Montgomery Park, Portland’s second largest office building, along with three other nearby buildings owned by the Bill Naito Company. The array is one of the largest solar PV (photovoltaics) installations in Portland. The array will generate approximately 1 million kilowatt hours annually.

The system features ten of Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ solar canopies. Imagine Energy completed the installation of the 304kW QuadPod portion of the system in February of this year. A time lapse of the QuadPod system installation is shown in this video.

90% of QuadPod’s construction activity, including assembly and wiring, takes place on the ground. After assembly and wiring, the solar canopies are lifted by crane for final installation, minimizing overhead work and optimizing site safety. Worksites are safer and more efficient with construction crews working on the ground and not at height in full fall arrest gear.

The QuadPod long span solar canopy is also able to sustain the greatest power density (measured in kilowatts per square feet) as compared to any other carport system on the market. This is attainable due to QuadPod’s ability to span drive aisles as opposed to just covering the parking spaces.

An article in the Portland Business Journal highlights Bill Naito Company’s commitment to modernize the energy source for the 2nd largest office building in Oregon.