Most consider ISO:9001 quality activities the domain of manufacturing organizations. Quest Renewables, in its tradition of innovation, began implementing ISO 9001 standards, approaches, and routines in 2022. For those unfamiliar with ISO 9001: these standards call for seven main categories to examine under a Quality Management System: (1) context of the organization, (2) leadership, (3) planning, (4) support, (5) operations, (6) performance evaluation, and (7) improvement.

Why use a set of manufacturing quality standards in what is largely a service company? Quest undertook this extensive exercise to improve the solar carport experience for customers. While solar carports are one of the fastest growing segments of the solar industry, they are perhaps the most challenging of the major solar form factors. While Quest’s systems provide one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal, projects can be feast or famine for site owners, developers, and installers.

To make solar carport project performance more reliable, Quest uses ISO:9001 approaches to quickly turn unknown variables into known facts. This approach applies the correct amount of effort to your project to identify obstacles before they become unidentified risks, which de-risks the project for all parties.

Additional benefits to customers are:

  1. Quality certification from raw material through installation.
  2. Minimized risks of non-conformance to project specifications.
  3. Rapid addressing of customer inquiries regarding the status of projects.

The Quest Renewables Mission

At the heart of it, we are in the business to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place every day. That goal gives us the energy and passion to serve our customers extraordinarily well so they are successful in their goals of completing projects.