Worldwide leader and trusted adviser to many of the world’s most successful businesses and organizations, McKinsey & Company, recently shared How solar energy can (finally) create value. The article highlights emerging trends that are making solar projects more financially solid. Some trends they explore are standard system design, construction execution, and access to capital markets. McKinsey Partner David Frankel, Alumnus Aaron Perrine, and Senior Partner Dickon Pinner point out, “As the industry scales up, players should develop systems based on prefabricated components that are a very good, but not perfect, fit for a wide range of sites and that will integrate easily in the field—an approach known as “design for constructability.”

They also highlight why solar energy is becoming a force to be reckoned with; “Regulatory measures, such as the Investment Tax Credit in the United States, further support the economics of solar. In many instances, solar is often “in the money”—that is, less costly than the next cheapest alternative. A number of leading multinationals are signing solar deals not only to gain green credentials but also to lower their energy costs and diversify their sources of supply.”

How does the QuadPod™ solar canopy stack up to the solar market trends?

The QuadPod solar canopy has a 3-dimensional truss system—a standard architectural configuration that is widely recognized within the construction industry. When labor crews are familiar with standard parts and design, installation runs smoother and faster.

Unlike our competitors, 95% of the assembly takes place on the ground. After assembly, the structure is picked up and placed via crane onto pre-installed support structures. The ground assembly is more efficient, and results in lower installation costs and less on-site time, saving money for the commercial site owner. Additionally, there is greater on-site safety, since laborers do not need to work above-grade for installation, and deadlines are more likely to be met due to the faster install time.

The QuadPod solar canopy allows site-owners and financiers to achieve the highest returns on their investments (ROIs) because of its ability to sustain the greatest power density (measured in kW/sq ft or number of solar panels) as compared to any other carport system on the market. This is attainable because of the QuadPod’s ability to span drive aisles as opposed to just the parking spaces themselves.

For more information and to find out how QuadPod can benefit your upcoming solar canopy projects, please contact us.