Norman (Finn) Findley has more than twenty years of commercialization and brand expertise, principally at The Coca-Cola Company. Throughout Finn’s career he served brand development, field management, channel strategy and key account management. Prior to joining Quest Renewables, Finn was responsible for the development of a new commercialization process for Coca-Cola in the United States, inclusive of all brands, packages and innovations.

Finn has served Quest Renewables as CEO and general manager since 2014. In his role as CEO, his job involves listening to customer needs and then uncovering ways to deliver successful projects by reducing risk and maximizing benefits. Finn works tirelessly to diminish project uncertainty, and ensure customers achieve successful results on their own terms.

Finn’s favorite part of working for Quest Renewables is the endless opportunities for learning from team members and customers. When not leading our team, Finn enjoys embarrassing his teenage children with Dad jokes he found on Reddit.