commercial solar carport structures

QuadPod Parking Garage Canopy

  • Project Size: 229kW

  • System Production: 263MWh annually

  • Location: Portland, OR

QuadPod™ Parking Garage Canopy’s Lightweight Design Enables Rapid Installation


A Portland, OR real estate operating company selected a leading northeastern US solar energy contractor to install a 229kW commercial parking garage rooftop photovoltaic system. The solar energy contractor was tasked with designing a lightweight canopy in a historic neighborhood where they needed to minimize site disruption. The contractor selected Quest Renewables’ QuadPod parking garage canopy because of its ability to be deployed rapidly using lightweight construction materials.


Unlike traditional solar canopies, 90% of on-site construction activity for Quest’s QuadPod canopies takes place on the ground, meaning no additional work is required after the canopy is installed on a parking garage rooftop. In stark contrast to traditional canopy construction – where the steel structure is erected first, followed by weeks of work on scissor lifts to complete the installation of photovoltaic panels – QuadPod is constructed in 1/3 of the time. The combination of the lightweight materials and on-the-ground construction makes solar installation faster and far less disruptive.


In just one weekend, eight QuadPod canopies were lifted and installed (after being assembled in an adjacent parking lot). Employees left on Friday with an open garage and returned on Monday to shaded parking.

The site owner was extremely satisfied with a rapid, safe and efficient installation that was completed ahead of schedule. Quest’s QuadPod parking garage canopies are the ideal solution for deploying a high-capacity system concentrated over the core of a parking garage.