QuadPod Double Cantilever

  • Project Size: 907kW

  • System Production: 1280MWh annually

  • Location: Fountain Inn, SC

Quest’s Double Cantilever is Perfect Solution for Electrical and Architectural Requirements


A leading international manufacturer and supplier of advanced electric components selected a full service solar integrator to design, engineer and install a solar carport system for on-site electrical generation. The solar integrator chose Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ double cantilever for the project.


The solar integrator and their customer worked together to select a double cantilever carport system as an alternative to installing traditional rooftop or ground-mounted solar. With limited space on site, the QuadPod double cantilever was selected to make use of its ability to offer the most kW per acre in its class.


Quest provided an on-site trainer for the project, and the construction process from materials delivery to powering on the system was orderly, safe and efficient. The resulting solar system is the perfect solution to meet both the electrical and architectural requirements of the end customer. An added by product of a carport system is covered parking for the company’s employees.