Double Cantilever

  • Project Size: 873.6kW

  • System Production: 1170 MWh

  • Location: Westchester County, NY

Quest Renewables’ Double Cantilever delivered an innovative canopy solution for partner’s community solar project.


Community focused Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers selected a leader energy solar company to install the first solar canopy in Ossining, NY and the largest solar canopy in Westchester County.  Quest Renewables’ customer reached out to design

Long-time customer contacted QR to design and build solar carport as aesthetics are critically important in this community solar project.


Quest Renewables partnered with the site owner to ensure the racking system would be visually approving to both the client and the surrounding neighborhood in the close-knit community.


The 2,894-panel canopy solar system, consisting of 12 QuadPod solar canopies spanning two parking lots, provides Maryknoll with covered parking, downward-facing LED parking log lighting, increasing nighttime security and extends 10% electricity bill discounts to Maryknoll and local community members through community solar.