solar carport structures

QuadPod Double Cantilever

  • Project Size: 541.8kW

  • System Production: 765,100kWh annually

  • Location: Salisbury, MD

QuadPod Solar Canopy Provides Power for Higher Learning


A public university in Salisbury, MD selected a leading solar energy company to install a 541.8kW system to cover a faculty parking lot. Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ double cantilever canopy was chosen for the project.


Quest ensured the construction and installation would take advantage of QuadPod’s foundation efficiencies. Quest’s solution featuring QuadPod double cantilevers reduced foundation count for the project.


Quest’s project management and construction leadership delivered on its commitment to the solar energy company and the university by standing by the aggressive timeline for construction and installation. The system features 1,548 modules and generates approximately 769,100 kWh of solar electricity annually.