QuadPod solar canopy

QuadPod Double Cantilever

  • Project Size: 44.8kW

  • System Production: 56.8MWh annually

  • Location: Manchester, NH

Quest’s Double Cantilever Provides Durability for New Hampshire Snow Load Conditions


A general contractor working on behalf of Southern New Hampshire University selected a New England based EPC to design, engineer and install a solar carport system to provide a portion of the electricity used within the university’s parking garage facility. The EPC chose Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ double cantilever for the project.


The QuadPod double cantilever was selected for its ability to withstand the parking garage’s snow load of 70 psf and wind speeds of 115 mph. Additionally, it was selected because the garage only allowed for lightweight scissor lifts and forklifts. An added advantage of selecting the QuadPod double cantilever is that it offers fast, safe construction speed due to its on-the-ground assembly.


Quest provided an on-site trainer during the carport’s construction, and the structure was built in just five working days. The resulting solar carport system is the perfect solution to meet the sustainability requirements of the end customer. An added by product of the carport system is that it provides covered parking on the top level of the garage for the university’s employees.