solar canopies for parking lots

QuadPod Long Span Canopy

  • Project Size: 304kW

  • System Production: 370MWh annually

  • Location: Elkridge, MD

QuadPod’s Innovative Lightweight Structure Enables EPC to Compensate for Poor Soils


A wholesale vehicle auction company in Elkridge, MD selected a national provider of solar PV systems to install a 304kW system to cover a surface parking lot. During an initial site survey, the surface lot was found to have very poor soil conditions. Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ long-span canopy was selected because it was able to reduce the foundation count to mitigate the poor soil conditions.


Quest Renewables’ solution using ten QuadPod long-span canopies reduced foundation count by 50%. Despite the poor quality of soils on site, QuadPod’s purpose-built system that uses 50% less steel per MW enabled lightweight foundations to be installed with small diameters and shallow depths. Additionally, the ability to install lightweight foundations with QuadPod’s uniquely engineered design greatly reduced the cost of the project.


From site survey to powering up, the system was completed in just 45 working days with minimal interruption to the surface lot. Construction was safe and efficient, and the overall project cost was lower than competitive bids. The site owner was very satisfied, and the project was completed on time and on budget. The 304kW system produces 370MWh annually.