QuadPod long span solar carports construction photo

QuadPod Long Span Canopy

  • Project Size: 241.2kW

  • System Production: 301.4MWh annually

  • Location: Washington, DC

Quest’s Long Span Canopy Enables Maximum Density on Compact Parking Lot


A commercial parking lot owner in Washington, DC selected a full service solar energy EPC based in DC to install a 241.2kW system to cover a surface parking lot. It was important to the site owner to maximize density on the parking lot. Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ long-span canopy was selected because its design enabled our customer to maximize kWh.


Quest Renewables’ solution using six QuadPod long-span canopies enabled a system designed for maximum density. With the system we designed, we were able to meet both the site and customer’s needs. The carport also features enhanced lighting that will provide safety to visitors and employees of the property.


From site survey to powering up, the system was completed with minimal interruption to the surface lot or surrounding businesses. Construction was safe and efficient due to the repeatable nature of the construction process. The project was completed on time and on budget. The 241.2kW system is expected to produce 301,400 kilowatt hours annually.