solar carport structures

QuadPod Parking Garage Canopy

  • Project Size: 194kW

  • System Production: 232,235kWh annually

  • Location: Portland, ME

QuadPod™ Parking Garage Solar Canopy Enables Solar Contractor to Limit Site Disruption with Record Installation Speed


A real estate management, investment and development company in Portland, Maine contracted a solar company to design and install a 194kW solar canopy system atop a parking garage. The goal was to offset energy used by the garage and a nearby hotel, also owned by the real estate company. The solar company required that disruption of the parking garage be kept to a minimum. Quest proposed a rigorous construction timeline that allowed for limited site disruption.


Quest ensured the integration of the solar system into the parking garage would have minimal site disruption during construction by taking advantage of QuadPod’s standard design and lightweight materials. Quest’s project and construction management team delivered on their promise to the customer by maintaining an aggressive timeline for installation.


The highly efficient 90% ground-level construction of QuadPod allowed the system to be built in just eight days from start to finish. The project was the first parking garage canopy installation in the state of Maine. The system is designed to sustain 112 mph winds and 50 psf of snow, and is likely the fastest garage canopy project built to date. The system will offset more than 23% of the hotel’s electrical consumption.

Upon completion, the co-founder and managing partner of our customer stated, “Quest Renewables’ innovative QuadPod solar canopy allowed us to meet a very aggressive schedule at a particularly challenging site. The Quest team was terrific to work with from start to finish and allowed us to deliver a beautiful, efficient and long-lasting solar project to our client with minimal interruption to their business. We’re excited about having introduced this innovative parking canopy to the New England market and look forward to pursuing additional opportunities together throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.”