We enjoyed exhibiting at Solar Power International. Whether you were able to meet with us in Las Vegas or not, we are glad you decided to visit our website. Our CEO, Finn Findley, made the following observations.

“We had a very busy and rewarding few days at SPI. Our customers are our best product designers, so we love spending time with them, learning what they need and collaborating to solve the challenges they face.

We learned that our products are performing particularly well in high wind and snow regions, and we learned how to build an even better product for projects in those geographical areas. I suspect that the more forward-thinking racking companies will also develop market-specific products going forward. This is a critical step to take as the cost of solar projects continues to decline. The biggest opportunity to remove cost is in soft costs, and a properly designed racking system can help a great deal.

Particularly rewarding this year is how our customers’ feedback has allowed Quest to maximize profitability for their solar canopy projects. Quest is the only company that has designed a rack that considers all aspects of the construction process. The result is a suite of products that reduce foundation count, eliminate heavy steel, install more quickly and enable more kilowatts per acre. The outcome is higher, more predictable profits for our customers.”

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