Quest Renewables announces the successful installation of a commercial-scale solar canopy atop a parking garage for a commercial based real estate developer in Montgomery County, MD. The 304 kW solar system features ten Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ solar canopies. Standard Solar Inc., completed the installation of the 304 kW system in late 2016. You can read more about the project in North American Clean Energy and Solar Power World.

“Solar canopies on parking garages are an ideal solution for energy savings, especially in urban areas,” said Scott Wiater, president & CEO, Standard Solar. “By functioning as a power source and shade for parked vehicles, they provide added value for the building owner as well as its occupants and visitors.”

With QuadPod installation, 90% of the construction activity takes place on the ground, including assembly and wiring. After assembly and wiring, the QuadPod solar canopies are lifted by crane for final installation. Work sites are safer and more efficient with construction crews working on the ground and not at height in full fall arrest gear.

QuadPod solar canopies allow site-owners and financiers to achieve the highest returns on their investments because of their ability to sustain the greatest power density as compared to any other carport system on the market. This is attainable due to QuadPod’s ability to span drive aisles as opposed to just the parking spaces themselves.

For more information and to find out how Quest Renewables can maximize your upcoming solar canopy projects, please contact us via email or call 404-536-5787.