Quest Renewables was featured in a Solar Power World article written by Managing Editor Kelly Pickerel. In her article, Kelly emphasizes the unique design of QuadPod™ solar canopies and Quest’s engineering innovation that enables 90% of construction activity, including inverter assembly and wiring, to take place on the ground. The innovative features of QuadPod contribute to overall project efficiency and increased safety for installation crews since they are not working at height.

Don’t just take Kelly’s word for it. Kelly interviewed Quest customer C.J. Colavito, Standard Solar’s Director of Engineering. C.J. says “Quest’s advantages come down to time and money. Many solar canopy manufacturers are willing to do long-spans and cover drive aisles, but Quest has the process down to the best price and most efficient assembly.” He goes on to say “[Quest is] very customer-oriented and [is] responsive. They [work] closely with our team on design. I like the quality of their work and the coordination on site.”

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