solar carport structures

QuadPod Parking Garage Canopy

  • Project Size: 300kW

  • System Production: 370MWh annually

  • Location: Montgomery County, MD

QuadPod™ Parking Garage Canopy Sets New Standard in Rapid Solar Carport Installation


A leading solar energy company specializing in the development and financing of commercial solar projects was selected by a large-scale commercial real estate developer to install a 708kW system. The system consisted of 300kW of solar canopies atop a parking garage, roughly 300kW of surface lot canopies, and just over 100kW of rooftop array. Quest Renewables’ QuadPod parking garage canopy was selected for the parking garage rooftop project.


The EPC was able to leverage QuadPod’s standardized design, and the highly efficient ground-level construction of QuadPod allowed it to be installed in roughly 1/3 of the on-site time of a comparably-sized traditional solar canopy.

With QuadPod’s purpose-built design, labor hours for the project were reduced by 50%. The QuadPod system’s design, coupled with its lightweight construction materials, enabled the EPC to offer a solution to build a solar canopy on a pre-cast parking deck that had very little excess load capacity.


The solar carport system install was completed in just 14 days on-site. This included material delivery, truss assembly and QuadPod elevation and attachment. By completing the project ahead of time, the QuadPod installation team would have been able to handle unforeseen delays from permitting, weather or other variables had they occurred. This allowed the EPC to avoid substantial liquidated damages for project delays.

The success of Quest’s work was underscored when the EPC stated, “I’ll never use anything other than QuadPod for solar carports again if I can help it.”