solar canopies for parking lots

QuadPod Long Span Canopy

  • Project Size: 617kW

  • System Production: 868MWh annually

  • Location: Atlanta, GA

QuadPod™ Long Span Canopy Solution Doubles EPC Profitability


Executives at a major convention, professional sports and entertainment campus in Atlanta, Georgia commissioned a leading commercial solar development company to provide a renewable energy solution that could supply a third of the power to the 71,000+ seat sports and entertainment dome. To support the venues’ sustainability efforts and LEED Platinum designation, reducing demand for traditional energy was a critical step.


One of the solar development company’s early challenges was that the customer’s cost of power was particularly low making it paramount that the overall cost of the solar installation be low as well. Quest Renewables proposed a solution that lowered the overall system cost in two significant ways.

First, installing QuadPod long-span canopies enabled an increase in system size from 425kW to 617kW using the QuadPod’s ability to sustain the greatest power density (measured in kilowatts per square feet) as compared to any other carport system on the market. This reduced other fixed costs including engineering, site management and other overhead. Second, the customer was able to leverage the benefit of QuadPod’s on-the-ground construction to reduce construction labor hours by 50%.


Using QuadPod reduced the anticipated labor costs from $.35/watt to $.15/watt, and the cost of a crane to pick and place the solar canopies added just $.02/watt. The project was completed on time and on budget and today the QuadPod solar array generates 617kW of power. This provides one-third of the electric consumption needs of the stadium when being used at full capacity during sporting events, concerts and other events.