QuadPod Long Span Canopy

  • Project Size: 456kW

  • System Production: 593 MWh annually

  • Location: Atlanta, GA

Quest Renewables was able to design and implement Quad Pod Long Span Canopy for use in challenging carport installation.


Long-time customer approached Quest to provide design expertise on a new 100-foot-tall parking garage and insure parking garage deck is designed to handle appropriate loads for solar carport.  EPC selected Quest Renewables’ QuadPod long-span canopy because its design enabled our customer to leverage Quest’s award winning attachment possibilities to the unusually tall parking garage and enable our customer to provide a safe environment while maximizing kW capabilities.


Quest Renewables designed a system that met both the EPC’s and customer’s needs.  Quest coordinated with local construction personnel to ensure the construction of solar carport project was completed on time and budget.


The QuadPod Long Span Canopy was build it two weeks utilizing cranes already on-site to lift the solar array system in place.  In addition to providing an aesthetically pleasing carport shade cover over employees’ cars parked underneath on hot, sunny days, protecting their car from inclement weather, the system is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions annually.