Quest Renewables’ QuadPod™ solar canopies require fewer foundations, and ninety percent of construction activity takes place on the ground, significantly increasing the assembly speed and safety and reducing overall project costs.

QuadPod solar canopies have considerably longer spans between foundations than other solar carports in the industry. With traditional carport designs, long-span systems required an increase in steel that quickly became a diminishing return. This remains true in this time of high steel prices and lower costs for other components. Quest’s patented space-frame technology enables long-spans without increasing the amount of steel. As a result, Quest’s solar carports support more wattage with fewer foundations.

Typically, foundation counts with QuadPod solar canopies are 50% lower than the legacy designs and result in about a 30% reduction of total foundation costs. This has proven true in every geographical area where our systems are installed. In situations where soils are marginal, foundation costs are even more substantially reduced as compared to traditional systems.

Additionally, QuadPod solar canopies enable rapid installations with their repeatable, straight-forward construction deployment process. During the ground level assembly of the canopies, inverters and panels are mounted, and wiring and lighting is connected and completed. The final step in the construction process is lifting the system by crane for final attachment to the foundations.

Because QuadPod solar canopies require half of the labor time of traditional systems during construction and fewer foundations, you can expect overall project savings. Lastly, Quest works with developers and EPCs to leverage local construction teams to reduce overhead and further improve project returns.

Contact Quest at or 404-536-5787 to learn more about the project savings you can expect by constructing solar canopies on the ground with fewer foundations.