Rocky Mountain Institute’s newly published report entitled Financing Community-scale Solar explores how the solar financing industry can meet a $16 billion investment demand by 2020.

We agree community-scale solar projects are a bankable market segment. While there are many considerations for these projects, QuadPod™ Solar Canopy provides a number of break-through benefits for customers looking to build them:

– QuadPod allows for both solar power collection as well as use of the ground below the system.
– QuadPod’s standardized system involves a repeat construction process, which lowers system cost while increasing system quality.
– QuadPod’s ability to span up to 65 feet at a cost comparable to short-span canopies increases power density and allows for larger projects on space-constrained sites.
– QuadPod’s on-ground construction is safer, reduces labor by 50% and reduces on-site time by 2/3 as compared to typical canopy solutions.

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